My shiny new Blog

July 22, 2006

Well, we all have to move on in life. It seems, for good reasons, that blogging and RSS feeds are sound ways to expand one’s web offerings. The so called Web 2.0 showsPillows great potential in its attempt to establish communities of like minded people. So here we are – jumping into shallow water head first. Actually, not really – this stuff isn’t all that new anymore.

The blog will concentrate on art and artist issues and related opinions, thoughts and feelings. It won’t explain what I had for breakfast, nor who is my hot date for tonight (hah – I must be delusional). The intended audience is art lovers, perhaps with an interest in photography. I’ll try to be somewhat entertaining and hopefully a bit controversial. Given my employment history and clothing habits, controversial might be the easy part.

Let’s be clear about this. I have no idea why you’d like to read anything I write (or even say), nor why you’d care about my thoughts. Most of my ideas bore even myself. I’m at best an mediocre writer. But I do have one item in favor. I am an artist. I know what it means to be an artist. I have paid my dues when I did not have to. I’m still paying the price and, believe me, it’s a heavy toll, emotionally and financially. But it sure has its rewards too. Sometimes. I think. People claim.

I also have an unfortunate trait of ethics and honesty, both of which land me in frequent trouble. However, I’m old enough to not really care any more. So I’m sure this will be reflected in my blog as it is in my photography and multimedia productions. In fact, it is probably the major factors in my favor as an artist.


2 Responses to “My shiny new Blog”

  1. mantis said

    I see you are talking about RSS feeds…how do I use the feed to link to myself?
    Nice blog btw!

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