A new look – a new CSS sheet

September 1, 2006

As those that return to this site will notice, it has a brand new look. I’ve used the optional WordPress CSS editing facility to make changes to the template used originally. I felt several items needed improvement. They are:

  1. Better readability. I’ve increased the font size a bit to make it easier on your eyes. I’ve changed the color scheme for the same reason.
  2. Easier navigation. I changed the headings’ look and feel so it is easier to see where one post starts and another stops. Headings and other parts of the posts are now a bit more consistent.
  3. Better compatibility with my other sites. Part of this is a look and feel issue – this site now is more “part of the family”. But over the years, I’ve picked up a trick or two that I will now be able to use on this site. That should improve your experience as a viewer.

Incidentally, this is by no means meant as a criticism of the original theme author. He or she did a great job and I still use much of the original code.

For those interested in CSS and, in particular, WordPress publishing, I’ve set myself up so I can use DreamWeaver as my editor for editing posts based on the relevant stylesheets and page layouts. This means I don’t have to go through as many cycles as before to make things look right. It also makes it easier to use, and improve, the private stylesheet I now use. I can do a lot of the required testing off-line. For those that don’t quite understand why I do this testing: there is not one major browser that renders a WordPress site or post the same. Everyone of them – IE, Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, Safari or Netscape, not to mention a myriad of versions for each browser – differ in how your precious posts present themselves to viewers. I’ve learnt the hard way.

Earlier, I tended to favor Microsoft’s new beta “Window’s Live Writer”. It’s one of the best entry level editors around but, still, it is nowhere close to Dreamweaver. Of course, it helps that I’ve used Dreamweaver for years. Maybe, I’m in a different category than the intended audience for, say, WordPress’ built in editor.

I should tell you that you need to consider – as I do – the current site as a beta site. No doubt there will be usability issues coming up and, gasp, bugs to be fixed. There will also be frequent changes to the site as I refine it.

I’d be eternally grateful for comments on the site, any difficulties you may run into, bugs and any other suggestions. In return, I’ll do my best to answer any questions that may arise from my statements above. You can post comments and questions or email me personally here.

Thanks a million,



2 Responses to “A new look – a new CSS sheet”

  1. allansiew said

    Really cool, I like it.

  2. fencer said

    Hi Karl,

    Looks good!


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