A New Look And Feel

November 3, 2006

Here we go again – a new look and feel for the site. I aimed at a design that is easier to use and more attractive than the previous one. I hope you agree. Apart from graphical changes, perhaps the most important change is the menu bar on top of each page. This menu compensates for less reliance on the standard WordPress widgets. I believe that the menus, and the pages they lead to, are much clearer than the widgets.

As of right now, the site design is in beta. There may be some bugs and minor incompatibilities to older posts. Please comment on any problems you may have. Or just give me some feedback on what you think of this new and quite different design. You will see additional changes in real time as I refine the site and fix whatever bugs there may be.

Again, feedback requested, Karl


2 Responses to “A New Look And Feel”

  1. I like this look, I am curoius what else you will do with this look?

  2. Karl said

    I’ll probably change the square headings to the oval ones seen at the top of the page. I’m planning to add more menu items, such as “Top 5” posts and other measures to help navigate the sheer volume of material on this site.

    Maybe I’ll submit this as a theme to give me access to the html rather than just the CSS access I have now.

    Hey, Suresh, thanks for your support and help!


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