This page makes it easy to subscribe to our RSS feed. That means you’ll get notifications of updated posts right in your email and/or your RSS reader.

If you are not familiar with RSS, here are a few tips. First, why bother? Second, if you do bother, you need an RSS reader. Third, you need to add subscriptions to RSS feeds as supplied by thousands of sites. These feeds are available from large outfits such as New York Times and CNN to small sites like mine (thank you for being here!).

  1. Why bother? Here is the simple statement: RSS enables headlines and other material to be distributed online instantly and then interpreted seven ways from Sunday. Once you, the consumer, have subscribed to a feed you get its updates quickly, for no dollars (normally) and essentially automatically. It really is quite convenient.
  2. RSS Readers are a dime a dozen. If not free, the price tag is usually in the $20 range. Several browsers have built in, free RSS support. There are many other Readers available. Just pick one you think seems good (read reviews), They all do more or less the same thing. RSS stands for “Real Simple Syndication” (although there are different interpretations). This isn’t brain surgery.
  3. RSS feeds are normally free of charge to users such as yourself. Some may be supported by advertising (avoid those). A few may demand a paid subscription to some service for access to their exclusive and precious material – Wall Street Journal is one example. Others, such as my feed, carry no advertising or fees whatsoever.

There are several ways to find the feeds you are interested in, for instance: 1) through directories often maintained or listed by the supplier of the RSS Reader and 2) through individual sites such as this one. The actual subscription process varies a bit from site to site and from Reader to Reader – perhaps not as convenient as it should be. RSS is a technology in its infancy.

Subscribe to my feed

Here are two ways to subscribe to my feed: the first option depends on the built-in browser behavior. The second option uses a stand alone subscription service. This service is free and enabled for most major RSS Readers. Pick your medicine! Click one of the two buttons:

First option: click the button. Copy the URL into the appropriate place in your Reader or accept the browser specific way to deal with feeds:


Second (recommended) option: Click the button below to easily subscribe to this feed, given one of the many listed Readers:

Subscribe to RSS Feed

I hope you subscribed. If you did, you’ll get news from me about new posts and on this site in a timely and non intrusive manner. I do not use the subscription information in any way – in fact, I do not even have access to it..


6 Responses to “RSS”

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  2. puci said

    Great blog! Thanks for all the hard work and sincere thought.

  3. Anna Edey said

    I love your blog! But I cannot get the images to show. Do you have a cure for this? Thanks.

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