These are the posts you readers like the most in this blog. It includes the War on Terror, Global Warming, Reality, War, Politics, a bit of Celebrity stuff, Ethics and much else.

First, thanks to everyone of the 28,000 of you that spent time with my blog. I hope it provided some value for you. It certainly provides me with some joy. I think.

There really is a lot of stuff to read in this blog. It usually is not that easy to navigate around a blog with a lot of content. I’m trying to reduce that problem by providing a lot of navigational help. I’ll add even more in the future. Right now, I have a Table of Content page (TOC in the top menu) that provides links to posts, grouped by subject area. And there is another helper located at a new page “Top 18″ (see menu on top). It lists and links to the most popular posts on the blog. Here goes:

Top Posts in this Blog

Here are the links to the Top posts – very much dominated by Global Warming:

  • On Global Warming 5: Just Too Many Of You: reviews the role and issues of population growth. This is a vital issue for future emissions as shown in GlobalWarming:1. Historically over the past 250 years, the explosive growth in populations explains two thirds of the increase in GHG emissions. The rise in personal carbon use must be reversed as must other issues related to unbalanced growth in populations.
  • On Global Warming 4: Disastrous Disaster Forecasts: notes that Global Warming is not the first disaster forecast ever done, published and hyped. There were many in the past and as a rule they failed. The disaster in question simply did not happen because extending some historical trend into the future does not work – trends change. So the question is – why is this particular doom and gloom outlook right? What is different this time? As you will see, plenty is different.
  • On Global Warming IPPC April 2007: The Bleakest Outlook Yet:
  • On Global Warming 1: Culprits, Scoundrels and Villains: discusses why Global Warming happened, who and what causes it, ending up with a list of villains. It did not go into the consequences of Global Warming. There was no discussion of impacts on the oceans, the Arctic, Greenland, El Nino, ecosystems, the weather, tundra and ice packs. The Kyoto Protocol or the Stern reports or other Global Warming topics were not covered. That is yet to come.
  • On Global Warming Europe: Sauerkraut, Bourgogne, Bangers:
  • On Global Warming 2: Politics, Scandals, Mass Committees: covers two main subjects. The UN provides a real mixed bag of positive and negative influences on the fight against Global Warming. The positive is that they try, have some credibility and many resources. The negative is that they fail. The current versions of the Kyoto Protocol and its associated reports do not reduce emissions. The CER system causes more harm than good. Solutions exist but are not acted on. Industrial strategies and national policies do little to reduce Global Warming – in fact, the opposite is often true in spite of rhetorical lip service.
  • On Reality – Part 3a (Update)- Famous Faked Photos and How to Make Them?: This is a pretty short post, by my standards, discussing a set of very questionable photos. This update of the original Part 3a (below) adds some material and makes it easier to follow the discussion.
  • On Reality – Part 3a – What about those faked, staged famous photographs in Part 3? This post discusses some strange photos. For this to make sense, you need to refer to Part 3, below. It might be easier to read the update above.
  • On Global Warming: 3: Few Like It Hot: examines the basic root cause of our problem: rising temperatures. Is the increase real and does it matter? Is it natural or caused by man? Are the temperatures unusual compared to history? Do GHGs actually cause the increase? What can past temperature variations tell us about what we face today? Can you even trust the basic data and analysis of temperatures? The post answers those and other questions in exuberant detail.
  • On Global Warming Preview 2: This preview is replaced by the full post Few Like It Hot
  • On Global Warming Ann Coulter: To Ann Coulter:
  • On Reality – Part 3 – More on Photojournalism: a post that discusses various photo journalistic flops. There are references to other more or less famous controversial photos. These photos are discussed in more detail in the top two posts above.
  • On Global Warming: 6: Terror, War, Fear and Paralysis: (JUST PUBLISHED) probes why Global Warming turned into a polarizing mess. History plays a role. Emotions such as fear impacts judgments. Lack of perspective is limiting true understanding. Lack of knowledge and clouded judgments don’t help. Many agendas are hidden from view. Rarely in human history have so many ignored so simple requirements for no good reason.

Other noteworthy posts include:

That’s the current Top 12. Check out the Table Of Content for more navigational help. You’ll see the posts organized by main subject areas, making it easier to find what you care about.

Here is a bonus graph showing the readership of the main areas of this blog. Global Warming now accounts for 75% of the readership and stands for an overall tripling of daliy visits.

Top Essays in this Blog

Thanks Karl

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  1. fencer said

    Hi Karl,

    I haven’t been to your site for awhile… it gets more impressive each time I visit though.

    The content and presentation are great… even just the pie charts are pretty amazing!


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