This page explains what I do and where I’m coming from. I and any artist need feedback to continue developing and flourishing. I’ve had good feedback and bad feedback. Both are useful. Please contribute your views. Fire away and let’s see where it leads us! The comment box is towards the bottom of this page. Use it!

Thanks, Karl

This Blog

I’m hoping to reach an audience interested in art, culture, photography, ethics, morality, politics and values in general. I will share my views on photography, documentaries and multimedia trends and what life as an artist is all about. I will show, or point to, samples of my art. In a way, I try to combine the writings of this blog with the rest of my art.

There will be essays on more general subjects such as Reality, Ethics and Morality and associated values. Some essays will deal with War, Violence, Politics and Religion. These subjects are crucial to me as an artist because my art is an investigation and interpretation of such values. I hope these essays will be interesting, fun and, perhaps, controversial. You’ll see a lot of images, most by me but also by others as examples.

Please use the T.O.C page for an overview of the content of this site. Many of the posts are fairly lengthy by blog standards and the T.O.C may help you find what you are interested in.

I did the design of this and my other sites. I’ve made a living as an off-again, on-again web designer for at least ten yours. At this stage, I limit my web work to the artistic segment, rather than the typical commercial work. I use bleeding edge technology: Ajax, Flex, Flash, CSS, XML, XHTML and similar mysterious “Web 2.0” stuff. WordPress, my blog host, is quite restrictive so this blog site uses quite conventional technology – CSS mainly.

Here are the main links to my portfolios:

My Personal Artist Statement

I am a professional freelance photographer and designer. I do fine art documentaries and essays. I try very hard to picture honesty in an emotional and passionate context. I often combine my images with other media – especially music – into interactive multimedia presentations. I believe strongly in the interaction of the artist, the art and the audience.

I'm Karl, the blog writer and photographerI have intense interest in the World around me. The World fascinates me in all its triumphs and downfalls, its successes and hope, its injustices, cruelties, intrigues, petty politics, corruption and plain lies. I seek order in, or at least insights into, that chaos. That is essential to my calling as a photographer and an artist.

I am not a demagogue with an agenda. I detest strict ideologies. I seek insights with as few biases as I can manage. I want that attitude to be present in my art.

I make judgments based on my own perceptions, recognizing the vulnerability of such personal views. For the record, I do not like George W. and his policies. Nor do I particularly admire the Democrats. I believe in people, not institutions. I’m not religious but believe in spirituality. I try hard to see both sides of conflicts.

I have strong feelings against war and violence, not based on politics but concern for the people unluckily involved. Many will view me as left wing but that is not the point. Truth is the point. I want that truth reflected in my art.

I aim for these essays to be relevant beyond the US where I live as do most of my readers. I want to convey an international, fair, humanitarian and honest view of important issues. I will not advocate any political, demagogic, nationalistic or revolutionary causes of any kind. My personal goal is to grow as a person and an artist.

I do not expect or hope you will agree with my views. Many of you will have radically different insights. That just proves my point that the issues I discuss are deeply personal, diverse and individual. Conflicts are natural and healthy in such an environment.

Please submit comments as you see fit.

I hope this quest and process will benefit you as it does me. I do recognize it takes quite an effort to get through these quite long essays. I thank you for any time you may choose to spend with me. That’s it

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Leading Design was founded in 1988. We combine a high tech background with both traditional and bleeding edge photography and multimedia techniques. We are equally at home in Photoshop and in traditional darkrooms. We use cameras from B+W medium format film photography to the latest digital equipment. We employ – in-house – post production facilities such as Premiere, After Effects, Audition and more, combining our product into a true multimedia experience.

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Our payment system uses the services of PayPal with its industry standard payment system. We do not directly use or request any credit card information on our sites. We are photographers and artists, not security guards. We’re happy to let PayPal worry about such things. At your option and convenience, we can, of course, accept orders and credit card information over the phone or in person. That information is never accessible from the Internet.

We do not sell, distribute or share any customer information. We will never “spam” you or anyone else: client, customer, supplier and visitor or not. We will take any possible and reasonable action to ensure your complete privacy, security and safety.

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38 Responses to “About”

  1. mokusfaj said

    How can I design my own pages, please help me!

  2. Brilliant blog you have .I like the comments and topics you discuss here.Although this is not the information,I was hoping to find with my search.I believe it’s great when you come across a genuine subject that makes sense.Good luck in all your endeavors.If you have the chance.Maybe you could stop by my new web site.How to Start a Home Business and Create
    Wealth from Scratch!

  3. Ted Fisher said

    I just found your blog tonight and am quite enjoying it. I’ll keep checking back and reading the posts, as you are discussing one of my favorite subjects: documentary photography.



  4. Angela said

    Hi Karl.
    I thought, based on your “Sauerkraut” EU and warming piece (that is absolutely the first time I have seen references to climate change and cabbage in the same posting) that you might be interested in a site called desmogblog It focuses specifically on public relations issues related to climate change.
    I find it interesting that you are posting your virtual exhibit of photography alongside your writing. Are you using your work as a visual response to your feelings on the global warming issue, or will you use it as the basis for future work? What do you think the role of the visual arts should be and how do you think visual media (ie film … and the ubiquitous charts that are being used to lend the air of authenticity to unscientific materials) is being employed by people who believe in human induced climate change and those who are skeptical?

  5. Alex Smith said

    Regarding the environment, check out my website, a free audio download site with a lot on climate change and other ecological issues.

    Re web site design, I’d love to have a search engine on my site, as I am accumulating so many files. (I get about 2 gigs of downloads a day). But I have no idea how this is done. Can you give me any clues?


  6. Portia said

    I was hoping to us a few facts from your global warming essay– how might I cite you?

  7. Karl said

    Simply make sure you mark clearly the source of what you use with a link to the original. All of this blog is copyrighted but with a proper link and with no significant changes to the quoted material, we are in good shape.



  8. audio visual equipment

    Hi. Thanks for the good read.

  9. Nick Best said

    What an interesting Blog – I will certainly be visiting again to read more. Your views on global warming are great and shared by so many people, but unfortuantely most suffer from apathy “The 20th Century Disease” and will do little about it. I too have started a blog and have found it theraputic to “get things off my chest” and will be interested to see if my views change in the future or if we manage to address certain issues. ( Keep the good work up!

  10. jonathan said


    Excellent art, I am interested in one of your images for an exhibit, could you please contact me at the email provided.

    Many thanks,


  11. Leza said

    I really enjoyed you latest blog, I found it really interesting and relevant to my current studies. I would like to include a section of your writing on Adolf Wolfli in my dissertation, could you please let me know your last name in order to reference it properly. Many Thanks

  12. Ana Santos said

    Thanks Karl for this incredible blog! It’s wity, educational and with a huge good-taste! Keep up the good thinking!

  13. ms beazwachs said

    I suggest you read a few scholarly, secular texts on applied ethics, reread your ethics blog, and stick to photography – if that is a hobby that makes you happy.

  14. Karl said

    Hey – most blogs are personal expressions. In this case, there is no attempt to compete with or win over scholarly secular texts. Apples and oranges, if you please.

    Thanks for stopping by!


  15. Saundra said

    Wow….it’s 1:54 a.m. and I am enthralled by the abstract diversity of your conversation. I put you on my “Favorites” and will read more tomorrow. You have a large honest mind..artistic, moving, flowing, telling, to the point. It must be nice to sail that way, thanks for the ride.

  16. Carl Fischer said

    Karl, I fell across this page looking for an old advert of my mother as Twiggy Twin contest winner in 15 magazine. I saw a picture of a few young, black and white dolls standing next to each other. I clicked on the photo. I came to your sight.
    I found the end of the Diane Arbus quote, “A photograph is a secret about a secret…´it comes mostly from some very deep choices somebody has made that take a long time and keep haunting them.”
    I found the picture haunting, but the quote came from a very deep, easy choice of words I almost think I might have authored myself before falling asleep some night.
    It was reassuring to read and see this awake, today.
    It brought up in my mind a matter of taste, and then something less graspable which dear Arbus said very well: Deep Choices.
    Deep choices accounting for taste.


  17. EnoS said

    Man… We NEED to talk… msn, e-mail, you choose
    both are
    But we NEED to talk, I mean it! 😛

    Thank you for the great texts,
    later! o/

  18. EnoS said

    Hey, I’m back here
    What impresses me is that you are one of the few thar considers the Real effects of this whole enviromental thing, most people seem to miss the point where the changing of the ocean and clouds flow, the melting of the glaciers and the wholes stuff affects the whole planetary life and, obviously, our life…

    I also get impressed by something that I sense in you that you manage to complement many differente knowledges in order to get the higher view of the situation… like the explanation about the gases in our atmosphere… I don’t know how to explain but what you saying is somewhat not exactly what a scientist would say, altough it is cientifical and I’d say it’s still deeper

    I REALLY want to communicate with you cause I think you will make good use of what I have to say and you surely have precious visions to share.

    The whole question for me is that it is much faster than people think, it is already like a crazy boom and wont slow down and what will people do when they realize the total situation and that there is no turning back?!
    We have to harmonize and learn with our living ship, we need to get in touch with nature in deep, lovingly, emotional, fraternal ways, so we can act along with it, not against it
    And also have to learn how to get along among ourselves

    Not an easy job for sure, but we have to try…
    Let’s talk man! Let’s talk!


  19. Nicole said

    Good evening Karl,

    I would like to use one of your graphs in a children’s book our organisation is printing for the benefit of children in Barbados. Please check our website to learn more of our work, however we are an environmental NGO and this book is being written to inform children of the need for adaptation as the years roll on.

    This is the graph I want to use:

    The book is going to print by the end of the month, so I will include your reference in the book in lieu of a direct reply.

    Thank you!
    Nicole Garofano
    Administrative Director
    Future Centre Trust

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